Food Chain in the river:

A food chain is a picture that show what animals eat in a certain environment. By looking at the food chain we do not see just what one animal eats, but what many animals eat.

For example, in this picture, we can see that the snail eats the seagrass, and the fish eats the snail. This is a very simple food chain. It does not tell us what eats the fish, or if any other animals eat the snail or the seagrass. Some food chain pictures are much more complicated and make a web with lots of different connections between the animals.

We will be making a poster of a simple food chain for the swan river. To do this, we must first think about what kinds of plants and animals to use.

All food chains have some sort of plant at their base. For our food chain, we will use the plant Halophila Ovalis which is a seaweed found at the bottom of the Swan River.

This plants are eaten by snails, shrimps and jellyfish, so we will make these animals the next level of our food chain.

Fish eat the snails, shrimps and jellyfish, so fish will be the next level of the food chain.

But what eats fish? Here we could maybe have a picture of a dolphin, which is one of the animals which eat the fish.

Our food chain should also show us how much food each animal needs to eat. You need more than one sandwich or snack each day to have enough energy and so do the animals. The dolphin needs to eat more than one fish each day. The fish need to eat more than one shrimp each day, and so on. So if we have one dolphin in our poster we will need many more fish, and many many more shrimp all the way down to lots and lots of plants.

Try it yourself! Read the instructions with your teacher to make this great poster!

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