How do we use the river?

We can do all sorts of fun things when we visit the river! What do you like to do?


Lots of people like to go fishing in the river.
They catch fish to eat for dinner, or might just let them go.
Can you catch this fish?

It's really fun to go swimming in the river in summer!
Have you ever been swimming in the river?
Where did you go swimming?

On a windy day you can go windsurfing or sailing on the river too!
Have you ever seen people windsurfing or sailing?
Do you know anyone who likes to sail or windsurf?

jet ski
Some people like to ride jet-skis over the river.
The jet skis can go very fast.
Have you ever seen someone riding a jet-ski?

On sunny days, lots of families ride their bikes and walk around the river. They might stop for a picnic,or just to look at the beautiful view along the river.

Use the information above or your own ideas to fill in this worksheet. Draw pictures of the ways we can use the river, and label each picture

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